Here is a picture I took in Bay Ridge

Hey everyone! Im soooooo happy to  be doing this, everyone has been asking me to strart blogging, so why the hell not! Lets do this!


yeah no. not sure what I have against bloggers, it may be that I've seen too many fake it online. And that's...the worst. Nothing like having a normal hangs session when all of a sudden, blogger girl opens her mouth while standing sitting on the couch, holding a cup of wine, and a using a not at all attractive blogger tone , "so this is my favvvvvvorite wine! You all have been asking what it was, and I know I've been keeping it a secret but I guess I'll tell. Wha......(next IG story) What I drink is the $5 bottle from northern lights winery, its this little..." Goes on an on an on. Maybe there are worse things in life to complain about, but as my first blog, I felt like I needed to share. 


Anywho, not sure what this blog will be about. Probably just my everyday life in the Big Apple. 


Here goes nothing